Saving Money on Our Gas Bill

This post was a paid partnership with Origin Energy. Thank you for supporting my blog’s sponsors.

Woah, 2018. It’s been a very busy – and expensive – year for us. This year we made massive changes to our house’s façade with our Scyon Walls cladding makeover; a project that grew into the goal of improving the functionality of our home’s outdoor spaces by adding a new double carport, an additional parking bay for guests and a big new patio with a deck. Those improvements – and others, including new gutters, fascias and downpipes, paint and concrete have certainly added up! We also went over east for my sister’s wedding, welcomed Miss Nerd to the family in June, and I took time off from work to go on maternity leave, turning us into a single income family for a while.

Sometimes we look at how much we have spent on our home renovations and we think, “Oh my goodness, that’s a trip to Italy,” or “We could have whacked that on the mortgage” or whatever, but then I think about how much we both do love living in a nice home, and how a house that at times I used to hate has turned into a place that brings us joy every single day. Awww! Yes, I know that sounds sooky – but now it’s a house that feels good – a real home – and even though it’s far from perfect, we love it here. This old girl has come a long way… look at what she used to look like before! She’s like a different house these days.

With all these renovation costs, a mortgage and a diminished income, we had been looking at ways we could save in other ways. Mr Nerd had started going through all of our plans and utilities and chopping and changing to save us money. We’d changed phone providers, internet providers and our private health care. When Origin Energy reached out to me to ask if I would be interesting in collaborating with them on a post and reviewing their plans for the WA market, I actually laughed – as literally two days prior Mr Nerd said to me, “I think we should swap our gas over to Origin.” Perfect timing.

It wasn’t all that long ago that swapping gas providers wasn’t even an option for Australians WA residents – Alinta Energy was the only small business and residential gas provider for many years. Now the gas market is wildly different. Since the regulations lifted there are now numerous gas retailers, and the best thing about this is it forces the providers to do their best to offer competitive rates.

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