How to Choose the Right White Paint for Your Home

One of the most common problems I think people have when renovating and decorating their homes is choosing the right white paint. We love our white walls in Australia, and for good reason – white walls are versatile, they feel fresh, light and airy, they work with all kinds of décor and they can make a room feel bigger, brighter and more uplifting.

But white paint isn’t ‘just white’ anymore. These days there are literally hundreds of white paints on the market, and choosing one can seem a daunting task. On top of that, choose the ‘wrong’ white paint and the perfectly bright, airy room you envisioned can have something that just feels ‘off’ about it – the walls could look daggy, yellowed, discoloured or even have a pinky undertone, and the room you envisioned as feeling bright and airy could actually look darker or gloomy!

But don’t let that deter you – you just need to figure out which is the right white for your home. And this post is going to help you do just that!

Dulux, a paint we use a lot and love, has numerous ambassadors who are some of Australia’s biggest names in design, including Lucy Feagins, editor at The Design Files, Julia Green of Greenhouse Interiors, Bonnie Hindmarsh and Lana Taylor from Three Birds Renovations, and Sara Chamberlain and Amy Chamberlain-Primrose of The Real Estate Stylist.

They are all women whose work in the design fields I love, and I’m so excited to share their expert tips for choosing the right white paint for your home below. (And if you have any other white paint questions, please feel free to leave in the comments and I’ll see if I can get an answer for you).

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