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It’s a Boy! Our Gender Reveal Party

Posted Thursday, January 29, 2015 in: Nerd Life

So recently we found out that our baby is a boy! We threw a gender reveal baby shower to celebrate the occasion, where Mr Nerd and I - as well as our closest family and friends – all found out the baby's gender at the same time by smashing a cake open.

It’s okay if you’re puzzled. A lot of people initially were when we said "gender reveal party". I myself had never even heard of gender reveal parties until Mr Nerd brought it up one night when his parents came over for dinner, telling us a colleague had had one. What you do, Mr Nerd explained, is when you go to the 19 week scan, where they can tell what sex the baby is, you tell the sonographer to NOT tell you the sex. Instead you get him to write it down and put it in an envelope.

Party styling by Turtle and the Pelican, florals by Floral Army, photography by Earthbound Images. Pink and blue bunting handmade by my mum!

Team Blue moments before the big reveal! I love these photos :) Thank you Alanna from Earthbound Images!

Go Team Pink! Mr Nerd and I were on Team Pink because we were sure it would be a girl (WRONG). Nala is giving Mr Nerd a high five.

I love the signs Emma from Turtle and the Pelican made for the party. Photography by Earthbound Images

Then you give that envelope to your designated baker, and you tell them to make a sponge cake covered in white icing, where the inside of the cake is either pink for a girl or blue for a boy. Then you have a party with your friends and family, where you cut cut - or smash open - the cake to reveal what you're having. "I want to do that," I said immediately. "We HAVE to have one," and I had the distinct feeling Mr Nerd was regretting telling me what a gender reveal party was, partly because the next thing he said was that he wished he’d never told me what a gender reveal party was.

But it was too late, we were having one. I LOVE planning and styling parties. And this seemed like a way more fun idea than a traditional baby shower, which I have never really been that keen on. With a gender reveal party, the menfolk could come, and drink beer and feel manly while (hopefully) only feeling minimally uncomfortable amidst all the pink and bunting and baby chatter.

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Why Home Insurance is a Necessary Evil

So the other day I talked about something a bit more serious than DIY dog beds and creepy blood eyes and blogged about how I got my house. How I got a loan, how I house-hunted, how I found my old fixer-upper and er, how I cried when both my power and hot water system died at once and my toilet blocked and my bathrooms and laundry flooded.

This ...

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10 Ways to Make Your Bedroom a Sanctuary

After years of having an ugly bedroom, a while ago we finally gave our bedroom a makeover and now I love it. I had never liked our bedroom before - with the bare light bulb glaring at me from the ceiling and my chunky, dated hand-me-down bed, it just wasn’t a particularly pleasant room to go to sleep in every night.

I really think making your ...

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How I Got My (First) House

I always get very excited when a friend tells me they are thinking about buying a house. I start talking about suburbs and renovations, and signing up for real estate email alerts and making lists of must-have features. But often, my friend puts a halt to my obsessive babbling by telling me they haven’t yet gotten a loan. And sometimes - “I ...

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The Pretty Palmyra Cottage

I love all the houses I put on House Nerd. But with its unpretentious character details, classic weatherboard build and young owners who DIYed and decorated the whole house on a shoestring budget with lots of secondhand, op shop and side-of-the-road finds, this Palmyra cottage felt extra-special to me the moment I entered.

I grew up in Palmyra ...

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DIY Dog Bed Makeover with Dulux Duramax

So lately we have been setting some new rules around our house. They mostly evolve around Nala. I admit it, Nala has been a bit spoilt. I tried not to let her get a spoilt brat mentality, but she has grown up being pampered by everyone in our family. To them she is (so far) the only 'grandchild' or niece in Perth so they do things like:

- ...

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Pregnancy Hates Me

Precautionary Warning: this is a WHINGING post, in the same vein as I Hate Camping and Green Smoothies Suck: Two Weeks Until Our Wedding. Also if the sight of a ruptured blood vessel - in my eyeball - would make you feel queasy, stop reading.

So I was not very far along in my pregnancy (you can read our announcement post here) when… man it ...

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The House Nerd Christmas Gift Guide

So anybody else got a bit more Christmas present shopping left to do? I’ve stockpiled a few gifts already, but I’ve still got a few more to get. Some of the things I plan to pick up are on the list below. For those stuck for present inspiration, I’ve put together more than 30 of my favourite products and present ideas for Christmas.

When I’m ...

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We Have News...

So guess what guys… our team of three is becoming four. Mr Nerd and I are having a baby. And yup, it still sounds crazy! But we are very happy.

I am coming up to 14 weeks pregnant, with our baby due around June 4th. We found out when I was about five weeks along. And ever since then I have been trying SO hard not to spill the beans on here or ...

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My 10 Favourite Commercial Interiors

Here on House Nerd I frequently feature residential spaces –tours of other people’s houses and my own home as well. But if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know it’s not just houses that have me admiring their interior design – I love commercial spaces too, from cafes and restaurants to offices and studios. In fact often commercial spaces ...

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