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10 Tips for a Stylish, Tidy Home with Kids - and Win Murchison-Hume Products!

Posted Monday, August 25, 2014 in: Guest Nerd

As you know, Mr Nerd and I don’t have kids, at least not yet. But we are at a time now where more and more of our friends are starting families. It’s alarming. 

No no, don’t get me wrong, I like little kids. I used to babysit in my school and uni days (directly linked to reading all the Babysitters Club books). My alarm is because I’m realising just how messy kids can be. They are like tiny tornadoes that constantly spew out debris of toys, crumbs and unicorn stickers. Every room they touch looks like something has exploded in there. Our house gets messy enough WITHOUT little people living here; it would look like two bombs had hit it with a toddler. And I am not some kind of clean neat freak, but I like order and knowing exactly where my favourite pens are (note to Mr Nerd, who constantly wanders off with them and leaves them in his man cave). I have NO IDEA how anyone who lives with a kid manages to keep their house tidy and looking nice. So when I meet someone who has actually mastered having a gorgeous, stylish, TIDY home with two tiny kids, I know I have to pick her brain for my blog.

Hong's dining room. Photo by Elizabeth Santillan of Walk Among the Homes.

Interior designer Hong Henwood is the director of interior design consultancy Affordable Style Files, where she showcases her knack for finding the best budget items from shops like Kmart, Target, IKEA and Bunnings and tying them together in a way that makes them look a million bucks. You guys might remember when I did a story on her beautiful 1940s Queenslander home. House-proud Hong is that person who has a house that’s clean and gorgeous. Yes, she puts in the effort to keep it this way, but she’s a busy mum of two, Miya, 4, and Charlie, 2, her house is always magazine-worthy and she still manages to find time to design beautiful interiors with Affordable Style Files. She’s inspiring.

NEVER TOO YOUNG: Hong puts her kids Charlie and Miya to work!

Like me, Hong is a big fan of the prettiest cleaning products around, Murchison-Hume. And we thought it would be lovely to throw a giveaway with this post. So thanks to the people at Murchison-Hume (who are REALLY nice!) you can even WIN a box of Hong’s favourite Murchison-Hume cleaning products! Trust me, once you try them, you won't go back. These natural products are earth, child and pet-safe, the packaging is so beautiful they look great on shelves rather than tucked away in cupboards, and they make your whole house smell delicious. They will definitely make cleaning a bit more bearable! Over to Hong, for her 10 tips for a tidy and stylish house with kids...

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The Mundaring Country Cottage

When Mr Nerd and I drive down south, we inevitably end up daydreaming about getting out of suburbia and buying a place in the country one day. I would write, and have horses and force Mr Nerd to come on trail rides with me. He would have dirt bikes and… do man stuff. When we get back home, we procrastinate on the things we need to do to browse ...

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The Garage Sale Cottage (and Giveaway)

I love hunting through secondhand markets - and I like to think I’ve nabbed a few vintage treasures for our home over the years. But I’ve never had the same luck with garage sales. I always feel like I leave a bit disappointed. So when I meet a couple who not only visit garage sales frequently but have absolutely mastered scoring amazing ...

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10 Tips to Brighten Your Home With Flowers

I don’t know if it’s because of winter, but lately it seems like a whole bunch of my friends have been feeling a little flat. A bit uninspired, demotivated, overworked, lethargic or blah; at night more in the mood to slump lifelessly on the couch than go out or do projects around the house (I have quite a few unticked boxes on my home to-do ...

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The Church Conversion

I have always loved church conversions. Every time I pass one, or to be honest any time I see any sort of church that looks vaguely permanently inhabited, I stare really hard at it in a creepy fashion and probably scare the people who live inside.

Whether you are religious or not, you have to admit there is something very cool about a church ...

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Nearly Done! Our Bathroom and Laundry Renovations

“What?!” I hear some of you cry. “You’re still not finished?”
No, we are not. I wonder if we are achieving some kind of record for the longest bathroom and laundry renovations. (You can see some of our before pics here, if you haven't already). We started gutting in March… it is now July. Three months is a while to go without a washing machine.


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Nerd in the Country: Cranmore Home Winter Workshop

Yesterday was the inaugural Cranmore Home Winter Workshop and it was one of the most beautiful days I have ever been a part of. It sounds ridiculous but honestly it sort of felt like something in a dream. A pretty much perfect day.

Cranmore Home is the online homewares range of curator and owner Tracey Lefroy. Last year I wrote a story on ...

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I'm Going to Be Writing a Column!

My dad used to always harp on at me, “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.” It was one of those childhood lessons brought out if I would say something like, “I’m going to win the colouring-in comp!” etc. The chicken lesson was reiterated in a much-loved Enid Blyton book later (The Children of Willow Farm, anyone?) but even that didn’t ...

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House Nerd on TV!

So on Monday night the Today Tonight segment I was in went to air! Mr Nerd and I sat down to watch it, him happily, me with great trepidation. I was all jittery and twitchy. But I only screamed out loud a couple of times during the watching, once when I first saw myself at the beginning (you don't understand, our new TV is REALLY big, and my ...

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I'm Going to Be on Today Tonight... Yes, TV. Eeeeek!

So recently a lovely Channel 7 reporter called Chantelle Toohey asked if she could interview me for a segment she was putting together for Today Tonight on beautiful Perth houses. Yes, I am going to be on TV! I know. I definitely had my freakout moment already. You know how last week I was talking about things that come your way when you start ...

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