Our Laundry Renovation (and my Tradie Recommendations)

Today I’m finally sharing our laundry renovation on here! I absolutely love our laundry makeover. If you were to ask me which renovation project in our house has given me the most satisfaction, I have to say I think it would be this room. And I don’t even LIKE doing laundry.

This is my favourite before-and-after because I love how it used to be a dark, small, grotty, mostly non-functional room that we didn’t enjoy being in; a room that also didn’t have any built-in storage. Now it’s still a small room, but it’s functional, has built-in storage, it feels light and clean and we actually LIKE being in here now. We haven’t done anything crazy on-trend or ahead of the curve or anything like that; we’ve kept the look really simple and used a really basic neutral colour palette and materials; but it’s still a room that makes me so happy.

AFTER. Photos by Heather Robbins.

Remodelling the laundry also didn’t cost a huge amount (in my opinion) yet it definitely improved our house overall. When we changed our mortgage plan lately, we had to have our house professionally valued and I know that the laundry was one of the rooms where we ‘scored points’.

Here’s a look at what it looked like before – very typical 1970s laundry with adjacent toilet – not a powder room so let’s call it a half-bath to sound fancy – and to attempt to distract you from those tiles. I’m sure lots of you have seen those exact same tiles somewhere or might even have them in your own house. Some people love them; they never grew on me… and we had our laundry like this picture below for years!


There were four things we wanted to achieve with the laundry renovation:

– Add storage to a room that didn’t have any.
– Make the space feel light and bright.
– Make the toilet nice for visitors to use and create a nice wash-up area for them.
– Create an area where we could change and bath a future non-existent baby.

Yep, I know that last point probably isn’t on the usual list of things when people make a laundry design brief! However, one of the downsides of our 70s house is that the bedrooms are REALLY small. (The room that is now Little Nerd’s bedroom is only 2.8m by 2.7m. I sigh enviously inside when I visit friends’ houses and the kids have lovely big rooms!) Long before we even had a kid I could tell that packing a cot, a recliner, some kind of side table for a bedside lamp and a change table into one of the minor bedrooms was going to be difficult.

When I was pregnant a few people were like, “Really? You’re going to change the baby in the laundry?” and I would be like, “Yeah why not? It will work.” 

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