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Blogger Shyness (and How to Fix It)

Posted Monday, May 1, 2017 in: Nerd Life Obsessed With
Hi guys. It has been a little while in-between posts, hasn’t it? We have been busy. We went away on a really nice holiday over east, visiting my sister-in-law and her family in Berry, Kiama and Gerringong. You may have seen some of my excitable ramblings on Instagram about how freaking beautiful it is over there.

And how pretty is my sister-in-law's house? Every time we stay with them I come back to my own house feeling refreshed and energised to get my DIY on and make our house prettier.

We stayed here while we were away... no it's not some cute AirbnB, it's my sister-in-law's house by the beach! You can follow her (I love her style) on Instagram @livderoche.

A sneak of my sister-in-law's cute powder room. That painted brick and mirror!

We have really beautiful beaches in WA too, but man the NSW coast is also stunning. I went swimming every day that I could. There is something about a dip in saltwater that makes you feel like a new person. 

Oh hey Gerringong rock pool! And random floating dude.

I’ve been talking with my web people about doing a big House Nerd redesign and migrating over to Wordpress, which is a lot of work, but so exciting and will mean some fun improvements to the blog. Work has been busy. Lots of inquiries, some freelance writing bits and pieces, but all good stuff.

And we’ve been busy with not-so-good stuff. We’ve had a few ups and down with various house things (too boring to talk about) and like most of Perth the past month we’ve also been sick (also boring! I don’t know about you guys, but when people go, “Oh, I have a cold,” I’m sympathetic but then when they start going into details, I can just FEEL my eyes glazing over. But then when I’M sick I want to tell everyone about every symptom. Kind of like when you have a weird dream. Everyone thinks their own dreams are so cool and worthy of telling, especially when they’re not. But no-one really wants to hear anyone else’s, unless they’re in it, or it’s a sex dream (or both).

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Built Without Bricks: Two Steel-Framed Sustainable Houses in Embleton

It’s funny how fast technology moves ahead – and how things considered strange or unusual just five or ten years ago are now becoming the norm today.

It's certainly the case when it comes to building houses. We now have a huge range of modern building materials available to us that can make building a house take a fraction of the amount of ...

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Our Kitchen Renovation! Before and After

So today I finally have a before and after to share with you - our kitchen renovation! (Finally!)

I had putting off doing this Before and After story for ages because I was waiting til we could renovate one of the biggest elements (the floors).

But now it's done and I couldn't be happier, even though we didn't exactly achieve our goal of ...

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Why I Love Shibori: and How to Style it in Your Home

“You need a hobby.” Mr Nerd didn’t just say this, he pretty much shouted it. “You don’t have a hobby and you need one.”

We were in the middle of one of our lovely shouting matches that make me feel bad for our neighbours, yet at the same time I am not going to be the first one to pipe down because piping down signifies weakness, people. I ...

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Saved from Knockdown: A 1970s City Beach Home Given a New Lease of Life

When Penny and Mat bought a dark, dated and daggy 1970s home in City Beach, they thought it might be a knockdown job – and their friends presumed they would bulldoze it and build anew, too.

But when Penny and Mat decided that instead they were going to renovate and extend to make it a home for them and their four kids under 12 – while living ...

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How to Make Any House Feel Like Home: My Tips

When you were growing up, you probably dreamt of the day you’d have your own place. I was way too dorky to get invited to house parties and do normal teenager things like hook up with boys, so daydreaming about my future house was pretty much my hobby. One of my first (and quite possibly strangest) blog posts was about how I even kept a glory ...

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Ready for Summer Entertaining! Our Garden Makeover in a Weekend

Okay, honesty time. If I didn’t have a blog, I don’t think I would do a QUARTER of the stuff around our home that we do, and especially not in the time frames that we do it. I am just too lazy, people. I think one of the main reasons I became a journalist was because subconsciously I knew that I always need a looming deadline to move my ...

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Thinking of Extending Your Home? A Builder Shares 10 Things You Should Know

In my job I continually meet people who say they have always thought about extending their home – but for some reason or other they hesitate to take the first step. Often they find it daunting because a) they presume that getting a quote for such a big project will be a nightmare in itself and/or b) they presume it will be out of their budget ...

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A DIY Makeover for a Daggy 70s Willetton Home

Would you buy a house you hated? Could you make an offer on a home with an interior you didn't like at all - a home that was actually a particularly ugly example of the era it was built?

Home owners Craig and Emma Croxford did – buying a 1970s Willetton house that was so depressing and needed so much work that it actually brought Emma to tears ...

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Ahh, Peace and Quiet: How to Minimise External Noise in Your Home

Hi House Nerd,

I live in an old home in Fremantle that I am renovating and would love some tips on how to reduce road noise in my house. Being close to the street and constructed of weatherboard I hear every car that passes and it is getting quite frustrating especially when trying to sleep. Have you written any blogs on this problem and ...

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