Our Living Room Makeover Series: The Before Pictures

Even though our living room is one of the two rooms in our home where we spend the most time, after years of living here, I still never felt like we had fully finished it or properly styled it. A little embarrassing – most people seem to do the living room first, don’t they? I would do little bits and pieces and corners, but all this time, overall I’ve always felt like our lounge room was yet to be properly tackled and issues addressed – so that I look at it and love EVERY corner of it.

With a second baby on the way, it was definitely the right time to begin. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m in one of two modes when I’m stuck at home a lot with a little baby. Either I’m too tired to care about all the house and garden things that need doing, OR I fixate on all the things around the house I want to get done – and most of the time it’s the latter!

So with baby number two on the way (which should be any day now, actually… although sometimes I feel like I’ll be pregnant ‘til 2024) one of the things I decided I really wanted to make a move on was to FINALLY decorate our living room properly.

In all the time we’ve lived here, we’ve never fully properly finished off this room and given it a lovely cohesive look. There are still things about it I want to change. I’ll show you some current photos of it in a minute. But let’s take a little walk down living room memory lane first, so you can see already how much it has changed!

When we moved into this house, Mr Nerd and I were young 20-somethings both living out of home for the first time. The living room was sky blue, with a 70s bar and blue curtains that screened off the bar and the kitchen from the living room and reminded me of a puppet show. Doorway curtains! I guess cool barn sliders hadn’t been invented yet. Below you can see our old sunroom which can be accessed from both our living room and our dining. And our old arches, which we’ve since had squared off.

Who said stripes and plaid don’t go together? Here we are, when we were young and skinny and liked to match our outfits to our paint samples.

We pulled off the curtains and painted the living room walls dark grey (Taubmans Rotunda) and being on a shoestring budget, we furnished the lounge with a mishmash of hand-me-down and thrifted furniture and cheap blinds we bought online.

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