My ‘Babymoon’ at Townhouse Margaret River – and My Must-Do Things Down South

Our accommodation – Townhouse Margaret River.

After we found out we were having another baby, I started a little bit of a mental baby bucket list. Just some fun things I wanted to do before baby number 2 arrived; things I knew would not necessarily be impossible to do with a newborn in our midst again, just trickier. I was so naïve about newborns when we had Little Nerd and was definitely unaware of how much time they took up – the main thing I was surprised about was how much time I would have to spend sitting down feeding, expressing, for months on end – the mostly limited capacity to get out and about with a newborn, despite the best intentions.

My ‘pregnancy bucket list’ wasn’t anything too formal or intimidating – just casual things that kept me propelling forward, got me out of the house and gave me little things to look forward to each week when I had my head in the toilet (which has been every day of this pregnancy since the fifth week, minus about four or five days) and knew I probably still had months more throwing up ahead of me. They were things like finally go for ramen at Hakata Gensuke. Some work collaborations with brands I was really excited about. Taking Little Nerd to South Beach for a swim and breakfast at South Beach Café. Digging new plants into the garden so I could watch them grow while I was sitting on the couch with a newborn, etc.

Anyway, one of the things I was really keen to do was a little ‘babymoon’ holiday, sans-Little Nerd. No offence to the little guy, he is my sidekick and I love him to the end of the earth, but he was definitely old enough to have a couple of nights away from me and at around five months pregnant who knew when I would get that chance again once we had Baby Number 2!

Indijup Beach in Margaret River.

Mr Nerd volunteered to stay home with Little Nerd so I could go on a little girls holiday down south to Margaret River. And it was SO good.

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