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Stackwood: One of Perth's Most Creative Spaces + Their Handmade Holiday Workshop

Posted Friday, December 2, 2016 in: Obsessed With Dare to DIY

Perth, I’m pretty proud of you. Even though we’ve always had our share of talented artists and makers, ten, fifteen years ago, we weren’t exactly known for having the most vibrant or connected creative scene. And I couldn't stand that awful term ‘Dullsville’ was so often bandied around by people smugly moving to Melbourne!

That’s definitely changed. Now Perth is pumping out these fantastic, talented artists and creatives, makers and designers of all backgrounds and all industries. Maybe, in a way, being the most geographically isolated city in the world is actually beneficial for us. We now have a thriving, growing community that encompasses local creatives of all kinds, whether your creative outlet is your full-time career or a passion project you do in your spare time.

I feel like people are tapping into their creative sides in whatever way that is – art, photography, writing, floristry, ceramics, textiles, graphic design, candle-making, whatever. On top of that, the surge in social media has seen Instagram and Facebook connect so many people. Yes, yes, I know some people hate social media… but I think it’s such a fantastic outlet for people to showcase their work to people all over the country. If you’re starting a creative venture, it can be such a brilliant aid for breeding confidence, support and real-life friendships.

As the creative community in Perth has quadrupled, so has its number of creative spaces – studios, joint workspaces, warehouses, rent-a-desk hubs, concept stores and cafes. One of these newer ones is Stackwood - and it’s one of my favourites.

Born in a huge old Fremantle warehouse that was a former diesel factory, Stackwood is a creative venue and concept store. It currently comprises seven studio workspaces for numerous creative businesses including Tiny Print Press, Winter Wares, The Little Posy Co and Hubble + Duke, amongst others. (I even daydreamed about having a little House Nerd space there until I realised that for now, with my Little Nerd, home is probably best for my blog!)

Stackwood is run by Sarah Bell and Amy Snoekstra. Photos: Bo Wong.

Stackwood is run by director Sarah Bell and Amy Snoekstra. If you frequent Fremantle often, you might think Sarah looks a little familiar – she began iconic George Street boutique shop Willow and the Bowerbird. I first interviewed her years ago for a story for George magazine (I told you everyone in the Perth community is connected somehow!)

Sarah tells me after many years running the store, where she formed bonds with tons of creative folk and community members, she was ready for a new challenge to present itself. “So when the opportunity to take on a large former diesel mechanic's warehouse and transform it came along, I jumped at it!” she says.

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A Modern, Minimalist Reno to a 60s State Housing Home

Would you be brave enough to buy a house without your partner seeing it? Business owner and real estate agent Matthew Travia was and he did.

With the aid of building designer Janik Dalecki, Matthew and his partner Cora have turned this basic, very small former State Housing Commission home built in the 1960s into a simple and modest, yet very ...

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Everything You Need to Know About Vinyl Floors

Recently I shared with you guys our new vinyl plank floors – and some ‘before’ photos of the floors we used to have. There was a reason we nicknamed this house the Crap Shack when we got it! Our 1970s house had a mishmash of some not-very-pretty flooring. You can see all the before pictures here and our before and after reveal of our new ...

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Renovating Our Floors: The After Photos

Good morning nerds! Today is a happy day, because today I am bringing you some ‘after’ photos - our recent floor renovation, where we had Karndean Designflooring vinyl plank floors laid over our existing old tiled floors.

My God, I love looking at before and after shots. You know how on Facebook it now brings up old photos that were taken ...

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How Renovating Can Double Your Money: Our TV Segment!

The other day I shared that we were going to be in a TV segment on home renovating on Channel 7's Today Tonight. It aired last night and it’s online already for those who missed it!

Like a lot of people, I do find it a little discomfiting to watch myself back on video but it was very funny seeing our house on our TV. Even the toilet I ...

We're Going to Be on TV Soon

Make sure you turn on your telly soon if you want to catch a little glimpse of me, Nala, Mr Nerd and Little Nerd – and our house - in a segment on home renovating!

It will air Monday 14th November at 6.30pm on Channel 7's Today Tonight with the lovely Chantelle Toohey presenting. 

You might remember two years ago when Chantelle interviewed me ...

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Renovating Our Floors: The Before Photos

If you already follow our home renovations and my rantings about our dog nearly breaking my nose on Instagram, you might have already seen how VERY excited I was recently when we redid our floors.

If you know me in person, you will probably vouch for the fact that 80% of what I have ever talked about in real life over the past five years has ...

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Beautiful Bali Interiors: Get the Look at Home

There is no doubt about it; the Bali we all know and love to visit today is hugely different from the Bali we knew 20 years ago. The somewhat daggy country I first visited when I was 12 years old has evolved.

Hands up if you are one of the many Australians who adore Bali? I have a small confession to make. Everyone’s been crazy about Bali for ...

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The Cottesloe Box House

The words ‘minimalist’, ‘modern home’, and ‘crawling baby’ are probably not words that many people would think belong in the same sentence when it comes to homes. Since we had Little Nerd, I have discovered that there is nothing that manages to compromise the way your house looks and functions than the destructive force of a ...

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Designed for a Baby (and a Dog): Our 1970s Bathroom Renovation

Well, this is a little embarrassing. We finished renovating our 1970s main bathroom AGES ago... during which time we went on our honeymoon, I got pregnant, had a baby, we've renovated our kitchen, laundry, floors and windows... and yet I’ve never actually got around to doing a full before and after story of our bathroom reno on here.

I think ...

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