A Blissful Pool Retreat for a 100-Year-Old Rural Farmhouse

Imagine having acres and acres of land around you, no other houses as far as the eye can see. Sounds like heaven – right? But what if it’s so many endless acres of space that every so often you actually end up craving a little more intimacy, a bit more privacy and enclosed space? That’s part of the story behind this garden renovation I’m sharing with you today.

I most often seem to write stories on homes that are on smaller landholdings, as  little as inner-city blocks just 200sqm in size. Today I’ve got something a little different for you – it’s a courtyard garden and pool transformation on a huge 6,000 hectare sheep farm – and it’s beautiful. This complete renovation saw this once-scrubby garden in rural Bindi Bindi turned into the most blissful poolside retreat with alfresco area. It looks so lovely now you could easily believe it was the private pool of a boutique heritage hotel. You guys will love seeing the “before” shots of this one!


The beautiful new alfresco area offers a year-round space for the Lefroy family to spend time together.
Landscape designer Ascher Smith wanted to fulfil Tracy and Kristin’s dream of an outdoor space where the family could come together. “I feel the family relish in the time they get to spend together as they are one super-busy family,” she says. “The kids love nature and the outdoors and although there is plenty of space to roam on a farm, having the pool, outdoor lounge, sun deck, breakfast bar, outdoor dining area and sprawling farm views all within the same location, it can now be used by the whole family whilst they spend quality time together all doing the things they love the most.”


This farm is home to owners Tracy Lefroy, who runs online homewares store Cranmore Home, her husband Kristin Lefroy, a farmer. They live with their kids, Henry, 9, Oliver, 7, and Eve, 4, as well as sheepdogs Rippa and Rosie, and Milla, a Jack Russell x Dachshund. You might remember Tracy’s name from when I covered her farmhouse renos to date back here – and when I also visited the farm one winter for the inaugural Cranmore Home Winter Workshop.

Cranmore Home owner Tracy Lefroy (she stocks these beautiful hanging chairs – as well as almost all the lovely pieces you see around her pool area).
The farmhouse at Cranmore Park. Photo by Sally Mills.
Photos by landscape designer and exterior style consultant Ascher Smith.

Those photos will give you an idea of how stunning their property is – and also how big. The Lefroys live at Cranmore Park, a 6,000 hectare sheep farm about two and a half hours north of Perth in Bindi Bindi, 37km from the country town of Moora. Their farmhouse was built in stages, the first in 1909, and the build has been going on ever since! (Stone from the farm has been used in the construction of the walls, garden beds and chimneys – you don’t get more ‘locally sourced materials’ than that).

Tracy and Kristin moved into the farmhouse on June 25, 2009. “I remember the date as it was on my oldest son’s first birthday!” says Tracy. “We are the fifth generation of my husband’s family to live in our home.”

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