Hidden Housemates: One Important Thing First Home Owners Rarely Think About

Buying your first house is such an exciting time, especially if you have always rented. All of a sudden here is this house you can theoretically do anything to that you want – paint, wallpaper, knock out walls, create a ball pit, fill with as many throw cushions or cats as you want and decorate to your heart’s desire (my secret house fantasy is to have a bookcase door or a secret passage). After having daydreamed of having my own house since I was a teenager, when I first moved in here I definitely remember those heady emotions that came with knowing this house is mine and I could decorate it however I wanted.

But – and there is a but! – when you get all caught up in the fun of decorating our own home I think it is so, so easy to overlook, or even downright ignore, the ‘not-so-pretty’ stuff. The structural issues. The sensible, boring bits.

We think so much these days about what’s INSIDE our homes, styling it and how it looks on Instagram that we don’t really think about the structural things, the real nuts and bolts, the foundations, the walls. You know, the things stopping the roof from caving in on your head one night. It’s just easy to forget about it in our decorating and renovating excitement. I do understand because I’m so guilty of it myself. Who really wants to think about things like foundations and structures when they could be thinking about the new cushion range from Target?

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