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Styling a Home to Sell It Faster

Posted Tuesday, July 18, 2017 in: Obsessed With

Have you ever been house hunting and seen a listing with real estate photography so bad, it’s turned you off from even visiting a house? Or have you ever visited a home for sale you’ve been eyeing off only to be disgusted the moment you step foot inside?

I have, while we were house hunting. Not only do I remember feeling turned off from bad real estate photography (like countertops piled so high with clutter you could barely see the kitchen, dishes in the sink, and dark, blurry photos that make untidy houses look like unclean hovels) but I also remember visiting a 1970s apartment in Applecross with my parents and Mr Nerd. 

The inside of the apartment looked okay in the photos. But there was a horrible smell as we walked down the weed-covered path through the dead gardens to the front door. It was a dead magpie, right near the front steps. I have NO idea why the real estate agent (who proceeded to ring me mercilessly every two days for the next three weeks, even after telling him the apartment wasn't what we were looking for) didn't get rid of it for the next home open. And inside the apartment, after we were blinded by the hideous bright yellow walls, we looked down to see a trail of rat droppings and a box of rat poison on the kitchen floor.

A good real estate photographer will help you bring out the best in a property - but sometimes styling is needed! (Pictured here HN photographer Heather Robbins on a shoot!)

Not quite what most people envision when they picture themselves romantically finding their dream house. Deceased avians and rat baits have no place in today’s competitive real estate market, when presenting your house at its best is more important as ever. Both home owners and real estate agents frequently need to do what they can to make their properties stand out from the crowd and achieve the highest selling price - and home staging is one of them.

Some of you will be wondering, what on earth is home staging? First conceptualised in the United States and now getting more and more widespread in Australia, home staging is the practice of preparing and styling a private home for sale, with the goal being to make the home look and feel more appealing, stand out from a crowd, showcase its versatility and scope to attract the highest number of potential buyers. The end goal is to make a property sell more quickly – and sometimes for more.

The property styling and staging industry in Australia has gone through a sharp growth in the past couple of years; there are now numerous companies that offer staging services across our city alone, so it’s nothing new. Traditionally, people can engage the services of a property styling business, with a home owner or real estate agent will invest in the service in the hope that it will pay off in a great selling price. But when I heard about The Perth Property Co., I thought, “Now THIS is a great idea”. This is a boutique company that offers real estate listing together with complimentary home staging.

The Perth Property Co. licensee director Nadija Begovich is a licensed finance broker who got into real estate six years ago. With a lifelong love of houses and interior design, she quickly realised that in her real estate capabilities she had an ability to look at a client’s home and instantly see where it could be decluttered, fixed up and styled to sell quickly, and at a good price.

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What advice would you give your younger self if you could go back in time?

This is what I would tell my 24-year-old self. First don’t idly wax your eyebrows while reading a magazine. Focus, you silly twit. You will wax half your right eyebrow clean off, leaving you with an intriguing, puzzled expression for the next six weeks. You’ll then ...

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The renovating bug is a sneaky thing, isn’t it? Once you’ve been bitten by it (or the home building bug, which I hear is as equally infectious) it’s never long after you throw down your paintbrush one day and swear, “That’s it! I’m done! I’m not doing any more renovations,” that bug raises its little head again.

About a year and a half ago, Mr ...

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Well, this is it, guys - hands-down one of the coolest houses I’ve had the honour of featuring on House Nerd!

This is Nature Inspired Eco House. Designed for a tiny 200sqm infill block in the city, this two-storey, solar passive new home is eco-friendly and runs on renewable energy (with no air-con).

Built from a mix of eco-friendly materials ...

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The Frank House by Iwan Iwanoff

So I’m going to make a bold call here, but I have to call it - I think I’ve found my favourite Iwan Iwanoff house yet. (At least my fave of all the ones I’ve visited so far!) It’s this quietly shy beauty – the Frank House in Menora.

The house is owned by Michael and Carmen Forde, who own Mary Street Bakery and MAKERism and who live with their ...

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Arrrgh… I’ve been a bad blogger. Seriously I have been meaning to do this blog post for ages, I’ve had it mostly written up and I mostly just kept forgetting. (Sorry to those of you asked for it).

I am disturbingly absent-minded. I don’t know how I retain stupid information, like that there are four to six harmless mites living on the base of ...

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Hi guys. It has been a little while in-between posts, hasn’t it? We have been busy. We went away on a really nice holiday over east, visiting my sister-in-law and her family in Berry, Kiama and Gerringong. You may have seen some of my excitable ramblings on Instagram about how freaking beautiful it is over there.

And how pretty is my ...

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It’s funny how fast technology moves ahead – and how things considered strange or unusual just five or ten years ago are now becoming the norm today.

It's certainly the case when it comes to building houses. We now have a huge range of modern building materials available to us that can make building a house take a fraction of the amount of ...

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Our Kitchen Renovation! Before and After

So today I finally have a before and after to share with you - our kitchen renovation! (Finally!)

I had putting off doing this Before and After story for ages because I was waiting til we could renovate one of the biggest elements (the floors).

But now it's done and I couldn't be happier, even though we didn't exactly achieve our goal of ...

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“You need a hobby.” Mr Nerd didn’t just say this, he pretty much shouted it. “You don’t have a hobby and you need one.”

We were in the middle of one of our lovely shouting matches that make me feel bad for our neighbours, yet at the same time I am not going to be the first one to pipe down because piping down signifies weakness, people. I ...

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