An Idyllic 1950s Cottage in Carlisle

What would you want if you were about to sell the house you’d called home for the past ten years? The home that you and your partner slowly, fixed up over the years, painting, DIY-ing and landscaping. The house to which you’d brought two babies home from the hospital, and spent hours playing with your sweet, now ageing dog.

Well, home selling aside, I’m in almost exactly the same situation as the family I’m featuring on House Nerd this week, and call me sentimental, but I know what I’d want if I were saying goodbye to my house – photos! (And perhaps a sneaky last party or two). But yes, I’d want some lovely photos of our home to remember it and our lives, at this point in time – so here we are today with a tour of this sweet cottage, which its owners Bree and Trin Handley have literally just put on the market.

Bree, an ambulance paramedic, and Trin, an anthropologist and research manager, bought this 1951 Carlisle cottage in 2011, and currently live there with daughter Amelie, 5, son August, 3, and German shorthaired pointer Pepper, 9.

I met Bree at a party last year, and found out she had actually followed my blog since my early days, but she didn’t discover we had mutual friends in common until years later. Anyone who has ever lived in Perth will know that Perth is small like that; it always makes me smile! When Bree recently asked me if I might be interested in doing a home tour story of her house before she and Trin listed it, I said “sure!” after only having seen a couple of pictures. I knew it would be a lovely home – Bree is humble and gorgeous and honest, and I had a feeling her home would be exactly the same. And well, it is. It is one of those lovely, inviting, unaffected homes that just feels good.

Trin and Bree (I actually just absentmindedly typed “Tree” by mistake, which I must say is actually an excellent couples’ name) had been wanting to get into the Perth property market and bought the house in 2011 after a year in Melbourne.

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