How to Make An Amazing Succulent Bowl

If you have ever admired a pretty succulent bowl but thought they looked too tricky to make one at home (or that you’d kill it anyway) I have good news! Succulent bowls are super-easy to put together; and even if you’re a total black thumb with plants, you can keep one alive and thriving, I promise.

Now I’m no gardening expert and I’m sure there will be lots of right ways and wrong ways to make succulent planters, but this is what I tend to do and it has always worked out, so today I’m going to give you my tips. One of the best things about succulents, aside from their huge amount of variety, it that they are really hardy and resilient, so if you’ve never tried to grow them and have always wanted to, I hope I can inspire you to give it a crack.

How awesome is this huge bowl from Andrew’s Succulents?

The other day I was talking about how I think hobbies for adults – especially parents – are so important and I rambled on about how much I love succulents and what a nice pastime planting succulent bowls has been for me while I watch the kids. I’ve made so many now! (Succulent bowls, not kids. Just two for me thanks).

I think I’m slightly addicted but I love mucking around with plants – it is a relaxing, slow, relatively mindless thing you can do with your hands while being able to keep one eye on the kids. Succulents are very forgiving, so if there are sudden murderous screams coming from your children over a Paw Patrol toy and you need to abandon ship in haste, your forgotten plant isn’t going to die because you’ve accidentally dropped it (probably not, anyway!)

I think a nice succulent bowl looks terrific on a table or on a windowsill – and they’re great things to keep around for presents, like host/hostess gifts. Ever been off to a friend’s house for dinner and you’re running late and you’d normally bring a bottle of wine but you realised you’ve already drunk all the wine you had while watching bad TV? (Totally understandable). Grab a plant instead. Wine and plants are great gifts, always. Like who is ever like, “It’s ok, I have enough wine and/or plants.” (Who says that? No one worth being friends with). Little Nerd, who’s four – loves to make succulent bowls with me too. He’s also a dab hand at quickly filling my trolley at the nursery with plants I wasn’t really intending on buying, but hey, it all works out.

So let’s get started!

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