8 Expert Tips to Film a Great Home Tour Video

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Wow, Perth – what a crazy time to sell a house! The real estate market in WA – well really, the real estate market in most of Australia – is going nuts at the moment. In some parts, homes are being snapped up in days. Things are competitive between buyers and lots of properties are receiving multiple offers, so it can be a really good time to put a house on the market.

My sister and her hubby bought their first place recently, and I went with her to some home opens. We’d arrive EARLY and some of these houses already had lines of people queuing down the driveway and down the road. It was mental. And they’d be under offer within a couple of days. Lots of houses are selling in days.

Last month, property prices across Australia increased at their fastest rate in 30 years, and in Perth, houses are selling at their fastest rate in 15 years. And understandably, they’re fetching their owners good prices. New findings from CoreLogic found that since January, Perth house values have risen tens of thousands of dollars. (I can’t lie, it’s actually very tempting… we have also thought of selling our house to take on another project!)

Photo by Kaylee Garrett.

It makes sense that sellers right now are making the most of the competitive market for buyers to get the highest selling price they can for their home. When Western Australia had a COVID-19 lockdown last year, we saw a huge uptick in real estate being listed with home tour videos. Made sense – videos showed people who couldn’t travel far from their homes what a house was really like.

What surprised me though was how many people during lockdown were making offers on a house without even visiting it in real life – these big life decisions based just off photos and video. I was astounded – it really showed the power of real estate videography in effective property marketing.

You know I love a home tour – whether it’s in real life or virtual. The other day I had a home tour of my friend Larisa’s new-build and it gave me so much pleasure; it was so fun to see how she had brought all her ideas for her dream house to life.

But I love VIDEO home tours almost as much as seeing homes in person! As much as I love stunning house photography, there is something you can capture with interior videography that you can’t get with just photos. How great is it that the internet means we can virtually tour a home on the other side of the country (or the world) simply from our desk or through our phone?

Photo by Paul Hanaoka.

Real estate agents are now totally leading the home tour video trends, with lots of them now marketing their properties with property tour videos that really show the feel and atmosphere of a place. While we’re so fortunate not to be under strict COVID lockdowns at the moment, it’s clear that real estate video marketing is only going to get bigger and more widespread from here. A video is a great way to give your home an edge when selling your house in a burgeoning real estate market, and whatever you can do to attract multiple offers to get the price you can for your home, the better!

Real estate aside though, there are other reasons you might be interested in filming a home tour, whether you’re planning on outsourcing it or doing it yourself.

  • To show off a realistic take on your home if you have a home or interiors Instagram account (or even a ‘before the reno’ tour – I love watching these!)
  • To show off your talents as an interior designer, architect or stylist
  • To promote your AirBnB through social media
  • As a personal project to keep to remember the house you love
  • Because you’re a really cool blogger with a house blog 😉
    Photo by Heather Robbins.

Today I’m picking the brain of Matthew Grahame, who is a photographer and expert writer at Ted’s Cameras, Australia’s most beloved camera store who specialise in helping people find the right camera (no matter your photography skill level or budget, which I like!). Matthew is the brain behind all the great tips over at Ted’s photography blog, where he shares loads of photography and videography tips for all skills levels.

He knows ALL the tricks when it comes to filming a great home tour, whether it’s for a real estate listing, your folio, or just to share with your followers online. Here are some simple steps that you can take to produce stunning home tour videos.

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