A Bed in a Box? Macoda Mattress Review

It was a happy coincidence that Mr Nerd and I had just been talking about replacing our old mattress, as it was getting close to the end of its life, when I got an email came out of the blue from a locally based company called Macoda – asking if we would like to try one of their mattress in return for an honest review.

Sometimes, blog things feel a little serendipitous. Once we were thinking of what we could do to fix the outside of the house now that we’d finished the inside; and I got an email from James Hardie asking if we would like to do a collab and use their cladding to give our home a new look. Another time, I was looking for a carpenter, and got a random email from a blog reader just to pass on the name of a carpenter she’d really liked. I could honestly go on and on about the number of product offers that have my come our way because of the blog. Some I know are a perfect fit because I’ve already bought and used them before and I already love the brand. Lots of things are not a fit or not really relevant to what House Nerd is about, so I don’t take them on (like the company that offered me a $500 voucher for very revealing lingerie the other day… which was uh, kind of them, but a good example of not suiting my brand). So when a product we need that that actually seems like it could be a fit comes our way, I’m stoked. Just like this.

But – Macoda sells mattresses that come in a box. Could they really be THAT good?

I’m pretty sure most of us would be aware of the bed-in-a-box craze. Traditionally, you’d go to a shop and buy a mattress, and probably pay a delivery fee to have one hefted to your door and maneuvered into your bedroom. Now, you can order one online, a slimline cardboard box is delivered to your door, you cut it open, and out comes your new mattress, which self-inflates in a matter of minutes (it’s actually really cool to watch. Why isn’t blowing up a camping mattress so easy?)

I was skeptical when I first heard of the mattress-in-a-box concept. I’m presuming a lot of people are the same. How do those skinny cardboard boxes hold a mattress – one good enough for a decent night’s sleep?

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