How to Stencil Paint an Old Concrete or Tiled Floor

Sometimes I think of a renovating or DIY project and then I become weirdly obsessed with the idea until I get to carry it out. And something I’ve always wanted to try is stencil painting an old concrete or tile floor. I always thought that stenciling looked like fun. (My idea of fun might be wildly different to yours, I know).

Here’s what this room looked like before I got started… check out what I did!


Yep, that floor is just painted concrete! Looks pretty cute now huh?

Late last year, I partnered with Monarch Painting with the aim of producing some DIY videos for achievable, budget-friendly paint projects you can do at home. One of the ideas I pitched to them was stencil painting a concrete floor.

They loved it – my only problem was that I had no such old concrete floor in my home. My mum and dad’s house, however, had the perfect canvas – my mum’s little office nook, with a battered, previously painted, old concrete floor.

I’ve always liked this funny little corner of my mum and dad’s place. According to some writing we discovered on a nearby rafter in the garage, this part of the house was built in the late 1940s. It’s got a cute little skylight and gets lovely northern light all day long.

I thought it would look great with a stenciled floor, and so with a couple of sponsored posts on the horizon, I asked Mum what she thought of letting me give it a little room makeover for the blog. Mum agreed and was very happy about it.

Everyone has been like, “You’re so sweet to paint that floor for your mum, what a nice thing to do.” THIS IS NOT ABOUT MY MUM PEOPLE. This is purely about my own selfish desire to unleash my inner Martha Stewart and stencil something. Mum’s just on board because she gets a room painted for free.

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