Shooting a Video in our Home for Karndean Designflooring

A little while ago we had a promo video shot in our home for Karndean Designflooring, the company we got our awesome vinyl floors from. If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen my post from the day; a little clip of the boys filming Little Nerd playing while Nala harassed them. (Sorry guys). She just REALLY liked them and thankfully they were dog people so not put out when she was pressing her Labradorous bulk lovingly against them while they were trying not to wobble the camera.

The shoot came about after one of the PRs for Karndean Designflooring contacted me asking if I’d be happy being in a short film clip for the Karndean International site talking about our new floors and how they’ve worked out for our family (you can see it here or at the bottom of this post).

Anyway, I said yes without hesitation because we absolutely LOVE our vinyl floors and after all the improvements we’ve made to our house they have still hands-down been one of the best investments. I hated our mishmash of 70s flooring before and having really nice vinyl floors now is something that honestly makes us feel good every day. I definitely appreciate them. We recommend them all the time to friends looking for a flooring option that can go over existing tile and we wouldn’t hesitate to put them in another renovation.

Karndean Designflooring is a worldwide company and our humble little house is the first Australian house featured on their website – the other feature homes are in the U.S and the U.K! Pretty funny. The video shoot was a full, busy stinking hot summer day with the marketing crew from Karndean there, my mum (to help toddler and dog-wrangle) and a film crew of three. I was five months pregnant (almost ready to pop now!) and at that fun pregnancy stage where I was still vomiting numerous times a day. (I mean I am still vomiting every day now, but usually only once or twice). When I first saw the finished video, I thought, Oh God I look so tired! Then I was like, Hmm…. I think that is just my face now. I love the video anyway – the bits of Little Nerd and Nala make me smile. It’s always so much work getting the house clean and ready for any kind of video shoot or photo shoot but I feel like it’s always worth it afterward… it’s like having a little keepsake or snapshot of a time in your life.

The guys from Limitless Studios shot the video and they were very professional and funny and made the whole day a lot of fun. (At the end of the day, half an hour after the shoot wrapped up, I decided Little Nerd and I deserved a sugar treat for all our hard work so I took us to Gelare and we were sharing a waffle when randomly in walked one of the guys from Limitless which spun us both out. Pretty sure he now believes I am stalking them….. who knows……)

The stars of the video were hands-down Nala and Little Nerd. I’m pretty sure Nala thought everyone was there to make a movie starring her.

She likes nothing more than being the centre of attention at a party and she was stoked. I laughed when I got a copy of the run sheet and saw there was a whole section of the day dedicated to Nala titled “DOG” and her ‘scenes’. She was very happy to comply with our requests, like running around the kitchen, playing with her ball and drinking water out of her bowl (messily, as is her style).

Little Nerd also was pretty chuffed to have a film crew in the house. He absolutely loved the lovely marketing people from Karndean Designflooring straightaway, Yit and Mel, which was unusual as he can be a bit shy at first. He took his requests from the film crew to ride his bike through the house without looking at the camera with the same gravitas a Hollywood actor would give to a role in a biopic he’s hoping to win an Oscar for. “I practised and practised my bike and I did NOT look at the camera, I only looked at Mama,” he told me gravely that night before bed (after staring down the camera on eight consecutive takes, but that’s ok).

Anyway the video is above and also here if you’d like to have a little giggle at me while I try not to giggle myself. I have newfound respect for actors after that…. SO HARD to make something like opening a door and kicking off your shoes look natural while being filmed, I had to try so hard not to laugh. I still REALLY don’t like watching myself on camera and would rather pluck out my nostril hairs one by one than listen to my voice, but being filmed does get a bit easier after a while. And if you’d like to see my older posts on how we renovated our horrible old 70s floors and made them look awesome, they are below! Maya x

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